Welcome back to Zeebra™ Blog! Today we will continue where we left off last time. So, would you like to know more about our "matte" fabrics? I bet you do!

The name "matte" symbolises our fabric type that is not entirely velvety "brushed" but also not a slippery slick performance material. It is something special in-between those extremes.

Zeebra Matte Fabric

Let's dig a bit deeper though. How does it feel on your skin and how durable it is? Well, Zeebra Matte fabrics are usually made out of Nylon-Elastane blend, making them super stretchy and durable for performance. Our most popular matte fabrics are 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, but we also have a variation of 81%/19% blend and 69%/31% blends, adding more stretch or softness. Matte fabrics do not retain water/sweat when working out. 

On the skin, our Zeebra™ Matte fabrics feel very soft, lightweight and like second skin. In comparison to our Brushed fabrics, they are thinner and more breathable too.

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