Welcome back to Zeebra™ Blog! Today we are going to talk about our fabrics. To keep it short and sweet, let's start with one of the most loved fabric type that we call "brushed".

The name "brushed" comes from the treatment with what the fabric properties are achieved. The soft and stretchy fabric is treated with a mechanical brushing process in which fine, metal brushes carefully rub the textile to produce fine fibers from the woven yarns, resulting in extra softness on the surface of the fabric.

Zeebra Brushed Fabric

Brushing method is often used in high quality cotton apparel such as sweatshirts and joggers, but when used on a stretchy Nylon Spandex blend activewear fabrics, it results in super soft, almost velvety-feeling stretchy and comfortable clothing that caresses you skin while still offering that functional stretch and compression that you want in activewear. 

Our Zeebra™ brushed leggings, sports bras and tops feel soft, buttery and kind to skin. In comparison to other fabrics they have a slightly thicker feel to them too.

If you liked the sound of our brushed fabric, check out our Sansa and Otta Leggings here: