This week we are extremely happy to introduce to you our new ribbed fabric!

A ribbed fabric is generally made by knitting yarn as alternate knit stitch and purl stitch in one course of the fabric. The fabric has alternate wales of knit and purl stitches. It is also a reversible fabric, as they look identical on both sides of the fabric.

Zeebra Matte Fabric

On the skin, our Zeebra™ Ribbed fabrics feel thicker and more supportive in comparison to the second-skin feeling or brushed fabrics and so, this usually means that panty lines and bumps are less visible.

Ribbed fabrics are a great alternative if you are looking for leggings but prefer to have a bit of extra texture and thickness to them. Our ribbed leggings currently come in 7/8 length with a double lining in the waistband for extra support. The matching crop tops also have an antibacterial lining with a super soft feel. 

If you liked the sound of our ribbed fabric, check out our Mara leggings and crop tops here: