Hello, and welcome to Zeebra™ Coffee Chats! Let's kick of the blog with an introduction to our fabrics.

One of the most loved fabrics is Zeebra™ Brushed. The name name already gives hints of how it feels on your skin - the softest, kindest, most comfortable fabric. It almost feels like a soft cotton pad or feathers, but of course in order to know for sure why not try it out yourself! 

Another one of our favorites is Zeebra™ Matte fabric. This type is ideal for that second-skin naked feel with a matte cottony feeling finish. Matte leggings and sports bras will feel like you are not wearing anything while still giving proper compression. 

Our collection will soon also include Zeebra™ Slick fabrics that are more performance-like and slippery feeling fabrics but still incredibly soft and skin friendly. 

Stay tuned for next week's post where we will talk more in detail about the Brushed fabrics!

Meanwhile, check out our Leggings, Sports Bras, Shorts and Tops to explore the fabrics and let us know which ones are your favorites: